Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Small Reflective Moment

Okay. I don't really have time for blogging today, as it is "out with the old" day. I have the goal of putting most of the Christmas sparkle away (the tree can wait until Friday) so I can begin prepping for baby. Although today, the 30th of December, puts me exactly one month from my January 30 due date, the doctor made the comment this morning, "I bet you're so ready for this! We will hope to get two more weeks out of you before baby comes." What?? Yikes, I am not, in fact, ready! There is a lot to do!

So I am going to begin by posting quickly about two of my favorite moments from Christmas morning. I will follow that up by taking a nap, and possibly starting to read a book I checked out of the library last week. And maybe even add some text to my book draft. Yes, I see myself accomplishing all of that by the end of the day. Mm hmm...

But more on my favorite moments.

After the kids had opened several of their gifts, we sensed that they needed a little time to assimilate their new treasures before finishing up the job. So we took a bit of a break. Here you see Miss Boo reading one of her new books, while Rooster is... throwing a piece of tissue paper in the air to see how it floats down.

At about this time, Miss Boo realized she hadn't gotten any of the things she had asked for. I quizzed her on that for a bit, during which time she realized she liked all the things she was given. As a mom, I had great satisfaction leading her through that conversation, because I saw her demonstrating contentment. Yee haw, because I knew the next two gifts were the ones she had been talking about for months!

My other favorite moment was actually a slow realization. All morning, Rooster had been saying something softly before opening each gift. I finally listened enough to make out a few words, which turned out to be a prayer of thanks! "Dear God, thank you for our food, thank you for me, and for Maren, and for mommy, and for daddy, and for me. Amen!" Oh how proud I was of him in that moment! As if I had anything to do with it.

But in this season when it is so easy to get carried away with consumerism (and lest you are deceived, my kids are just as much a part of it as anyone), they both had a shining moment in that morning full of presents.

Okay, I had a third favorite moment too. Watching how much they loved the new under-the-tree train that we have had hidden for a year, so we could surprise them on Christmas morning... totally gratifying!

There were so many other wonderful things about this Christmas, so many new memories to carry into the future. But a pregnant mommy with a four week timetable that just got shortened to two weeks does not have time to reflect right now! Time for some serious work, interspersed with serious rest!

The morning after, playing with new Play-Doh and weaving loom

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