Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Giveaway Result

Well I have had so much fun with this giveaway business. It has warmed my heart all weekend to know I was going to draw some lucky winner's name last night, and send her a little piece of me.

My winner, chosen from a scientific drawing involving slips of paper and my most favorite frosted snowflake mug, is Wanda of Queenie's Little Kingdom.

What I somehow missed was Wanda's blog as I was visiting the "little kingdoms" of all my lovely commenters over the weekend. I just found it last night as I was searching for her contact info, and I was struck by her reflections on life. As it turns out, she is attending the funeral of a friend's son today. So as you feel prompted, please just say a prayer for this sweet lady on a day bound to be full of a wide range of thoughts and feelings.

In case any of my commenters are back here to see the wrap-up of my giveaway, I would just like to say how rich I suddenly feel to have visited all of your sites, and to feel like I just found a world full of people very much like me. I admire you all for pursuing Jesus; for attempting to be good mommies, wives and friends; and for your determination to express your faith and your daily struggles authentically. Keep it up!

Know that your collective work inspires me to continue to press forward with my own dreams and goals. I hope to see some of you around again.

Blessings to all.

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  1. Krista....thanks so much for picking me. Thank you even more for your sweet words of encouragement regarding John (my friend's sweet son).
    I am home sick with the flu (the deadly stomach something or another) and I know that today was my friend Carol's first day back to school.
    I wanted so badly to be there for her....but I was out too sick to help.
    I'm just humbled that you would mention any of it. You're surely an angel!


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