Monday, December 15, 2008

Canon's Last Dance

Back in May, Rooster turned 3. Such a big boy! We had a taco ring, balloons and presents. Yay for birthdays!

The next morning, on the exact same day I was starting to realize we might be getting another addition to our family, we lost a certain other member of our family. No condolences necessary, but I think it is legitimate to count the camera as a member of the family, since it allows the distant family members to feel as if they are closer.

Oh, what happened? I would be happy to tell you! In the excitement of birthday fun, our lovely Canon Power Shot was left on the coffee table at the end of the day. If you have been around many three year olds, you will know exactly what kind of jeopardy the camera was in from that moment on. And it didn't take many moments, either.

My camera contains a final set of photos, more than 80 in fact, that are time stamped starting at 7:47 the following morning. This means I had just gotten Daddy and Boo Bear out the door, Grammy was still asleep (we were still living at Red Boot then), and I must have darted upstairs to check Facebook or some other such lovely distraction.

The following are a sampling of the 80 photos time stamped between 7:47 and 7:58.

The area around the coffee table occupied the child for exactly four minutes, then he wandered into the kitchen for more scenery.

Another four minutes later, the outdoors beckoned. There are about a dozen iterations of his little toes, then a couple incriminating shots of the trees, demonstrating some fuzz in the center of the picture. It was at this point the camera must have been dropped right on the open lens. **sniff** And of course a final self-portrait in case there was any doubt as to the offending party.

It was at this point that Mommy came downstairs and found Rooster playing with the camera. He handed it over a little sheepishly, and I took what ended up being a final picture of him before turning it off... and that was the end of it. The camera never opened again, because the lens assembly had been damaged in its drop to the concrete.

Six months later, we decided our one and only Christmas gift was going to be a combined one, to each other, and it was going to come early. We went out yesterday to make the modest purchase of a new Kodak. These pictures finally came to light as we inserted the memory card from the old camera. I am now far enough removed from the sadness of the moment to be able to laugh about it, and at the very least to share it with you.

Merry Christmas, and I hope we have lots more pictures to share with you of this blessed season and of our new baby when she arrives in January.

You can believe Rooster will not be getting his hands anywhere near the Kodak.

To see more photos of Rooster's 11 minute walk with the Canon, visit this link to his album on Facebook.


  1. Oh, my! Though I feel so sorry for your loss, giggles did keep escaping my lips as I progressed through your post and your pictures. I just love that last one!

    And congrats on your sweet new one coming in January! One of my dearest friends is due at the end of January. :)

    Thank you so much for your tremendously encouraging comment. It's kind of a dreary day here, and that is just the smile I needed! :)

    Oh, and if you ever feel like sharing a recipe...I would LOVE the recipe for that delicious looking taco ring!

  2. How funny...and sad! Sweet little Jesse. He may have a future in photography!


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