Friday, December 12, 2008

Pardon me, your fragrance is showing

I have to brag on my neighbor today. She is so awesome, and I love that we both have plans to live here forever. Or thereabouts.

We are in our third home, and have had nice neighbors before, but Lady M and her family are the jewel in the crown. I am not letting her go without a fight, so if you would like to share her, you will just have to move into our new neighborhood! You can see here there are still a couple of lots available on our street.

From my front door.
M's house is the stone one closest to the camera.

Why is she so wonderful, you ask? Well I took a liking to her from day 1, but last night her fragrance showed through. Her what? Bear with me for a moment.

She and her family stopped by right at 7pm to drop off a plate of Christmas cookies. How sweet, you say! Yes, they were. They were chocolate dough, with some caramel yumminess on the inside, and chopped up candy bar on top. If you would like to share some, you'll have to stop by soon because I will be eating them all today. With help from the kids, of course!

But that was not all, oh no that was not all!
Apparently I am channeling Dr. Seuss

What the lovely Lady M did not know was that my honey had invited a few friends over for the evening, and they were also scheduled to arrive about 7pm. I had just gotten the call at 5:30 that this event would be happening. So just as the neighbor family got settled into the corners of the house for their impromptu visit (you know kids, you're in the front door with them one moment and they are deep in the toy closet the next), the doorbell rang again!

Lady M was chatting with me in the kitchen while I finished up the dishes in preparation for company. As she realized my prep time had just run out, she took advantage of my momentary distraction to finish washing my dishes! By the time I had hospitably greeted our guests, put their drinks in the refrigerator, and made them feel welcome in my home, she had finished the job like a pro, leaving no evidence whatsoever of the unpleasant mess that had been there only moments earlier.

And then, the whole family mysteriously disappeared back into the night. Like the fragrance of flowers that lingers after they pass through a room, the only thing left of the neighborly visit was a tidy sink, a plate of cookies, and a sense of peace as I sat down to visit with hubby's friends.

Go, Lady M. You rocked my world last night, and I can't wait to get you back!

Her small action reminded me of something from Scripture. Second Corinthians 2:15 says, "For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."

I would like my actions to have lasting impact! I read here that my actions actually show evidence that Christ has touched my life, a fragrance that lingers after the source is gone. Lord, help me to do so; both in the little ways as my friend did last night, and in eternal ways as I seek to present Christ to the world around me.


  1. Hi, Krista: That's my daughter, Lady M. I'm so proud of her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for others to enjoy. And BTW, you're a wonderful writer! Mandy tells me you are working on a book. Please do . . . God has given you a beautiful talent. Can't wait to read it.

    Mandy's Mom, Cary

  2. That was beautiful! Can I please have her as a neighbor instead of the fraternity that rented the house next to us. And yes, I said a fraternity. Now there is some interesting conversation.

    You are blessed with Lady M!


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