Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No White Christmas Here!

I have lately been wondering what everyone south of the snow latitude feels about all the references to snow and cold in the repertoire of holiday music that pervades this time of year. Personally, after only one year of southern Christmas, I'm already feeling that "those Northerners" are pretty ethnocentric singing about sleigh rides and snowmen and getting warm by the fire, when those experiences are only really descriptive of a part of the national population.

I have heard one song about celebrating Christmas in Hawaii by the palm trees, which I liked. But that's one song out of hundreds.

And then... driving home from Kroger just now, I heard a new Christmas song. As I turned on the car I thought the station had been changed from my local Christian station, because my radio was belting out a country western tune.

I got pulled into the tune, then as I listened closer realized I liked the words even better:

"We don't get white Christmases in Houston..."

There was more that made me laugh, about wearing flip flops and drinking iced tea on the back porch; but thanks to years of fractured sleep, my swiss cheese memory enjoyed the words and then let them wash away with the tropical tide...

Thanks to a caller, I learned that the group is called Brandon. I came home and looked for lyrics online, but perhaps it's new to the world and not just me. If I find them or hear the song again, I will post them. They made me smile.

And for the record, if you'd like to be sure you DON'T experience a white Christmas this year, give me a call and I'll get the guest room ready!

**Update: I found a link to a home video another family made to this song. At least you can listen to it and get the words, but their photo show is pretty indicative of how it is!

Christmas in Houston

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