Speaking Topics

Krista possesses a wide range of interests, and her natural desire to teach comes out as she seeks to share each new discovery with those around her. Her heart beats fast to empower women in the areas of marriage and parenting, food and nutrition, and especially spiritual growth.

Her educational background lies in the area of Christian Education and Biblical Literature. By the time she finished her studies, she liked to joke that she had become certified to write research papers about how real life illustrates spiritual truths. Fifteen years later the joke has come true, as she now seeks to illustrate the wonder of the unseen reality behind the everyday.

Krista's experience in children's ministry, small group leadership and church planting have all served to deepen her passion for equipping others to take steps in their spiritual journey.

Topics of special interest include:

  • The Unseen Reality: Taking time to stop and see God in every little moment.
  • Body and Soul Food: The connection between nutrition and Bible study.
  • Parenting with Purpose: Identifying your parenting goals and making a plan to reach them.
  • Never Too Lost: Reassurance of God's tender discipline, always with an aim of restoration, through a look at Israel's history during the era of the Judges.

Krista's hometown sits centrally between Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, putting her within driving distance of any of those cities. She is available to speak to MOPS groups, Bible study groups, and more, and would enjoy the opportunity to create a presentation tailored to the needs of your group.

Contact her at krista (at) cyburdine (dot) com, or via one of the several widgets posted on this site.