Friday, November 21, 2008

MOPS: Fuel for the Adventure

Life is all about choices. I used to think the difference between one person and another was told by what things had happened to them in life; but after years of observing human nature, I have come to the conclusion that the difference is really in how they have chosen to respond to the things that have happened in their lives.

One key choice we make at least several times a day, is of how we are going to fuel ourselves. From the first bite of food that crosses our lips in the morning to the last snack we top the day off with at night, the choices add up to determine whether our fuel was good or not so good. Good fuel makes all the difference in this great mothering adventure, as it helps us be healthy and and alert, and able to handle the many demands that come our way.

Another kind of fuel we choose throughout the day is emotional fuel. Sleep is a kind of emotional fuel, as are planning ahead, reading, and mommy time such as we get at MOPS. Choosing the right kind and amount of emotional fuel is critical in our ability to deal with all the unplanned stuff that comes on top of the expected load of diapers, dinners and general hubbub. Let's face it, there are many moments throughout the day when we just need a little perspective. Sometimes we choose a few moments of Dr. Phil, the newspaper, or Facebook for a window on the world. But the most critical fuel of all, the fuel that fills us up, meets us right where we are, and even equips us to finish making dinner (really!), is God's Word.

In Psalm 119:103 we tune in to the psalmist discussing his love for God's words: "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" The more the writer learns and thinks about God's words, the more understanding he has, and the more incentive to make good choices. As we make the effort to choose to put God's Word into our minds more and more, we will discover the power to make better choices in other areas as well.

We encourage you to train yourself to reach for God's word, especially in those moments of low emotional fuel. May God speak to you through his words, and give you what you need to make good choices along the way. And as always, we pray God's blessings on you as you grow in your mommy adventure.

This article was originally published in my MOPS newsletter. The twice-monthly series began in September and continues through April.

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