Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sticky Weapons

The grey weather outside this week has inspired me indoors. While at the store a couple days ago, Rooster talked me into buying a fresh bag of marshmallows. When Boo Bear came home from school, I broke them out along with--you guessed it--graham crackers and Hershey bars. I found some skewers in the pantry, and we barbecued marshmallows on the gas burner.

Mmm. We made some yummy snacks. My favorite part is the char when the marshmallow catches fire on the open flame...

At one point I got impatient waiting for my turn with the skewer and stuck my marshmallow in the microwave. Boy did the kids' eyes get big watching it blow up!

12 seconds is all it takes!

As we were sitting at the table munching our sticky snacks, Maren reflected:
You know, if I were a superhero, I'd be Spider Girl. I would take a bag of marshmallows one at a time, blow them up in the microwave, and throw them at bad guys. Then they would be all stuck together and I could call the police to come get them and take them to jail!

I think microwave s'mores are the equivalent of gas station coffee. When you need a fix, it does the trick. However, for culinary satisfaction purposes, I have to recommend the gas burner method. There is just no replacing the char.


  1. Oh so that smokey burny taste.

  2. That's hysterical. Yes, the charred part is the best. The worst for you but the best. Although, I don't like chocolate. I know, I catch flack for that one all the time!

  3. We did inside smores recently at my home, too. I will now be opting for just marshmallows and graham crackers. Have much chocolate can a three year old get on herself! :)

  4. I try not to indulge too much in smores, because it gets pretty disastrous when a woman armed with poker in hand refuses to relinquish for the sake of her growling stomach. I love them, I'm just not sure how much my husband loves that I love them. :)


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