Friday, January 2, 2009

Thinking Pink!

I feel a little weird about this, so feel free to just skim right on over it.

But since this is likely my final pregnancy, I wanted a few artistic photos of my Lulu belly. I have a couple of friends who specialize in this kind of photography, but none of them live here in rural Texas near me. Kind hubby also feels a trifle weird, but was willing to be the photographer for my art direction. So here is the theme of the month, baby belly.


  1. All right, a little weird, but all I could think about was what if she had tatoos on her belly! That would've been cool...

  2. I love the name - the LuLu belly. My daughter is a budding photographer and these kinds of photos are very popular. And will be treasured forever, I might add! She is pregnant with her first. I'll be back- thanks for stopping by!


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