Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Far Side of the Moon

OK friends, I think this is it. Went to the Dr this morning, he says the operation is in motion. Or the torpedo is in the chute, as my hubby says. If I haven't had the baby by tomorrow morning, I have another appt first thing, and he's 90% sure that he will then send me over to check in at the hospital.

However, I kinda don't think we're going to get that far. I'm feeling a little yucky since the Dr did his check this morning. The Captain was able to work from home today, so I'm just sitting on my bed trying not to exert myself too much. I have a couple of bills to pay and still need to load the kids' bag for a couple overnights at Grammy's.

Had to laugh that my first stop after the Dr's office this morning was Kroger, so I could stock up on produce. Uh, I don't know who is going to be eating that in the next five days... hopefully it's the longest lasting produce ever!

I may be in tech blackout for a couple days here, but I assure you I will post photos as soon as possible, in addition to those critical details ya'll love to hear.

Have a great week, friends! If you need produce, I guess you know where to stop by.


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