Friday, June 25, 2010

You Get Out What You Put In

I can't begin to address today's thought in 100 words or less. Probably not even in 1000 words. But if I never start trying to say it, I definitely won't ever finish saying it.

I have struggled for a long time with feeling a lack of growth in my spiritual life. I see symptoms of it in my challenge to maintain my house, in feeling overwhelmed with children, even with a lack of interest in taking care of my physical self.

Recently I have felt challenged by the idea that I am not growing spiritually because I have not been willing to take risks spiritually. I have been fortunate to build a life over which I have a pretty good illusion of control. Makes it easy to live in a comfortable box.

But that's not what I really want for myself, or for my children to aspire to.

A few weeks ago, we participated in a community service project as a family. Miss Boo grasped the point amazingly well, that we help because we have been given so much. To her the follow-up was quite simple: We should do this all the time.

I already know that the more I reach for giving opportunities that are a little unfamiliar, the more I will be blessed. I don't reach for them simply to get the blessing; but it's nice to already know there's a reward in store if I just take the steps.

I also want to be a good example of how Christ loves this earth. Lately, I've been a better example of how people live comfortably once they have "made it". Again, the point of making the effort to give to others is not simply to be a good example; but it's good accountability.

One acquaintance of mine is constantly posting examples of how people fail after claiming to be good examples of Christian behavior. It breaks my heart that I don't have a lot to counteract her posts, because we all fall short of God's standards. Surely at least I can be an example of a transparent ordinary human, who has been changed for the better by God's power.

And that's really what I am looking for these days: to be refreshed and renewed by God's awesome power. I believe it's real. I have seen evidences of it throughout my life. But lately I haven't been living like it. More, I've been circling the wagons, trying desperately to keep my little world going based on my own skill.

It's time to accept the grace God holds, which is new every morning. It's time to start living in gratitude, looking for places I can love others, because he loved me first. It's not to improve my status in his eyes, I know. But I think I struggle with the details of my life because I'm trying to live within my limits. Perhaps if I start focusing on responding to God, as in looking for ways to be a blessing to others, then I will find the energy and focus to take care of myself, my house, and my family too.

This thought definitely bears more refining. For today, my fellow overwhelmed friends, let's try to lift our eyes up from our own situations and ask, how would God have me be his hands today? As we do so, may we find perspective on our own situations, and may it grow our faith in God's power.

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  1. Challenging thoughts, my friend. I think the key thing is, as you said, to "lift our eyes from our own situations". Keep pressing on!


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