Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cousin Swap

Last night we traded our best beloved boy child to my brother in exchange for their 3 year old daughter. Rooster and his cousin Gabe had a very Star Wars sleepover, while Princess Sarah enjoyed her evening at my parents' house with big cousin Boo.

She got to be part of our evening at Outback, and behaved herself very well. We had a tea party with Gramma, made bracelets, and read books together. We also shared a few laughs.

I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know my niece a little better. I discovered she has a lovely musical laugh, and that she adores being read to. She especially loves when the story is a song, as I had found the Teddy Bear Picnic book and sang the words to her. She was mesmerized. Also, I learned that all things, even bracelets, are better with flowers.

We had a great time, Princess Sarah. It's fun watching you grow.

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