Saturday, June 12, 2010


As a final hurrah of our Ohio family trip, we held an unbirthday party for all six grandkids. My brother and sister-in-law suggested the idea so that the kids could have the experience of sharing birthdays together. It was also fun to be able to give my nieces and nephew their birthday gifts and see their response.

Kay decorated with streamers and balloons, and Michael grilled hot dogs and brats. The kids played a few party games, we had cake and candles, and each kid in turn, from youngest to oldest, received a couple presents.

Lulu loved the part at the end of each child's turn in the spotlight, in which everybody applauded the child of honor. Rooster loved throwing all the gift-wrap shrapnel up in the air like so much confetti. And Boo was a big fan of the brightly colored cupcakes with M&M sprinkles.

As a first annual event, I think this created vision and a baseline to build from in future years. This trip was all about legend and traditions: the Eeyore House, Cousin Swap, trips to Bob Evans, the Farm, and the Zoo; and now, Unbirthday.


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