Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Squirrel Moon

Is today a full moon? I don't feel like looking it up. By feel, I estimate it must have been.

It was one of those days that was in full swing already by the time I got up. Nothing beats being late to the party like being pulled out of bed by the chirping and pattering of active little children who apparently already had their coffee.

The noise, the bickering, the bell on the Fisher Price firehouse. The trail of Cheerios, the bark bits, broken chips and milk drips between the refrigerator and the back porch. The realization that Lulu was about out of diapers, not that it bothered her any. The chill rain, the dreary, oppressive 100% humidity weighing on every nerve in my psyche.

Those kids were squirrelly this morning!

I put on a movie, but we have drunk too deeply from the movie fountain this week. I ended up sitting alone in a room with Buzz and Woody, too engrossed in a novel to fully realize Rooster was chasing ducks in the back yard in his pajamas, in the rain. Or that Boo had been running water in the bathroom for an awfully long time.

At least I got to read part of another novel. But oh, the price I paid.

Finally I peeked my head in to check on Boo, and realized she had been tempted by the vat of warm wax my mom had plugged in for a little beauty treatment. Mom got called away unexpectedly to trade cars with my dad, and Boo's curiosity had gotten the better of her. She dipped in a finger, trying to make a jewel. Only what she got was more like sticky tar, and the more she tried to get it off herself, the bigger the mess grew.

We worked on cleaning up together for awhile, and I took the opportunity to discuss how sin sometimes looks appealing, but turns into a big fat hairy mess. And how the best course of action is to confess immediately and ask for help.

And, how sometimes you aren't the only one that has to pay consequences for your mistakes. I ended up with sticky fingers, sticky feet, and sticky all over my clothes.

Her impetuous nature leads her into many situations that start out looking innocent enough, but end up getting her in trouble. I would like to think she is able to draw a bit of growth from this experience, but I will at least be pleased if she has learned not to stick her fingers in things that look interesting to touch, without permission.

Poor thing is learning some kind of difficult lesson, because 12 hours later she still has sticky fingers.

Last night I prayed with Rooster before bed, that he would sleep well and wake up rested and cheerful today. Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayer. Maybe I should have also requested energy to keep up with him.

That kid bounced out of bed and never stopped all day long. He was loudly happy, enjoying himself through the back yard goose parade, the card game, two or three lunches, Toy Story, Fisher Price toys, and even the library.

At lunch time he tripped through the doorway from the back door to the porch, and he even wailed loudly, making sure we all had a chance to examine the offended knee before dialing back on the volume.

Oh yes, did you catch something I just said? I took my squirrelly kids to the library. What was I thinking? At least the North Canton library has an entire floor devoted to the children, and there were at least a dozen other squirrelly kids there to keep them company. Today's rain was just that kind of weather that drives people to the library. That was the loudest library visit I have ever experienced.

But we didn't even stay long there, because almost immediately I got a text from the Captain that darling Lulu had wakened unexpectedly from her nap. So we returned home to allow him to get back to work.

And for some reason, even my easy baby ended up crabby from that point in the day onward.

Squirrelly, I tell you.

Good thing this turned out to be the night we treated my parents to Outback. What a civilized way to end the day. Other than Lulu screaming like someone else's child and eventually having to be removed from the premises ten minutes before the rest of the party. I have seen some behaviors emerging in the last few days that make me think we are fast approaching the Terrible Twos, and I am not amused.

My parents had a squirrelly day too, as it happened. One car broke down, the other got a flat tire, and my dad got a call that his lawnmower has died.

We all enjoyed our Outback Specials.

My dad says he used to know a guy who had an expression for crazy days.

I feel like I'm at a goat rodeo.

Goat Rodeo. I love the sound of that, the way it rolls around in my mouth. And keeps knocking around in my head, the kind of bizarre word picture that is going to give me strange dreams tonight.

Another great expression that would also apply to this day:

Trying to accomplish anything today is like herding cats.

Herding cats? Of course that's impossible! The very preposterous idea makes me giggle!

As great as those expressions are, I feel the need to coin a new term today. It's (probably) not a full moon, but it sure feels like one. The kids were squirrelly, both boisterous and novel in their exploration of boundaries.

I call this kind of day a Squirrel Moon. And I sure hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow. However, next time it does, at the very least I will be prepared with a name for it.

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