Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talk about the Weather

Wow, have we had a lot of rain here in the last several days.

I hear my yard in Texas is getting lots of rain too, which is awesome considering I just reset my sprinklers to run twice a week instead of once while I'm gone. I am so thrilled at how lush and long my cuss grass will be by the time I get home. It will be such a pleasure to pull in the driveway and have to mow the yard just to get in the front door. But I will smile and be thankful to have green grass all the same.

So far all the rain since our arrival in Ohio has arrived at convenient times, with sunny windows occurring just as they should. We even have a convenient window scheduled for tomorrow from 8am-4pm so we can maximize one of the Captain's vacation days. For those of you wondering, he is along with me this time, but working three day weeks while I have playdates and library days with the kids.

Speaking of weather, we have all been a bit under the weather for the past day or so. Actually, all of us except iron-will Captain have had the opportunity to barf our brains out at least once since arriving.

After the Memorial Day parade, which you haven't gotten to hear about due to the effects of what I am about to relate, Lulu randomly projectile vomited one time all over the back patio. She has not done this since the night she had the flu back in February, during the last night of my parents' visit.

I got to do it twice during our Memorial Day picnic, instead of visiting with my Nana and Aunt Linda as much as I wanted to. That was really disappointing. But I thought we were out of the woods after that.

Silly me.

Then I heard the cousins came down with some unusual virus thing that's going around. Key symptom: "general malaise" which pretty much covers what my mom and the Captain and I (and in the last hour, my dad) have been experiencing for the past two days.

Now my big kids spent last night and this morning taking their turn with the buckets and toilets and all over their beds. I think we are sharing the cousins' novel illness. Ah, family bonding! Good news, though, it will all pass in about 3 more days and we will be virus free before setting out on our return journey.

So today was movie day. Literally, all day. We sat on the sofa and watched I think four movies back to back. We ate soup for lunch and crackers for afternoon snack. Oh, Lulu was her normal nappy, happy self. She's just fine.

The Captain and I felt better by late afternoon, so we took the kids out for dinner thinking it was time for some fresh air. But by the end of dinner we had to come straight back home, where Boo put herself immediately to bed for now the third time in her life.

I don't think I could have a day of forced inactivity like this unless we were all equally under the weather at the same time. As it is, we are in a good place to just stop and rest for a day or two. I mean, don't we all wish we could go home when we feel sick?

Vacation is all about going and doing things we don't normally get to do, but it's also about slowing down and taking a break from our stressful lives. While I am not excited about the pit that has been living in my stomach for the last 18 hours, I am thankful for this day that allowed me to be as still as a mother of three could be. The fighting was less intense, the sass was nonexistent, the crowd control was very, very simple.

I'm going to bed now, hoping for a night of uninterrupted sleep for all, and a better tomorrow.

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