Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She Speaks 2011

What are you aiming at? I aim to attend the next She Speaks conference.

In April of 2008, I was an 8 month veteran of blogging, and had only just begun to realize I might have found my calling in life: to write. I stumbled onto the information for a conference for Christian women wanting training to speak, write, or serve in Christian ministry to the best of their ability. It was all I could have wanted.

It was also sold out.

It also happened to be the weekend of my husband's birthday.

And I wasn't nearly ready for it yet.

But I resolved to attend in 2009. Just my luck, they added a blogger track that year, and Emily was one of the speakers! Unfortunately, by that point I was nursing a newborn, and I had learned from difficult experience with my firstborn that I just need to stop and go nowhere for six months or my milk goes away. So no conference for me that year.

By early 2010, I was floundering with my personal purpose. I didn't know what I wanted or where I was going. The conference seemed distant, beyond even the fantasy of attending.

But here we are, at the end of 2010, the most recent conference barely in the rearview mirror, and I think 2011 will be my year.

  • I have a renewed sense of purpose.
  • I have three years of experience with putting thoughts to print.
  • I have a few publications to build my confidence level.
  • I have at least eight viable book ideas.

Oh, yeah. It's my year.

Now I just need friends! I've got one IRL friend aiming to come with me, but I would love to talk through this year with any of you who also aim to attend. What are your ambitions? Which track would you attend?

I know, the new conference info has not even been announced yet, but you know and I know that they will announce it sooner or later, and it's not too early to start making a plan.

My burning question right now, that I can't figure out where to ask, is this:

If I am a writer desiring speaking training, would I sign up for the writer track or the speaker track? And yes, I already know the smart answer... I am going to have to attend three times so I can take advantage of both, plus the blogger track! But seriously, which one to choose first?

  • Are we aiming at the same goal? Talk to me about it here!


  1. I think it's awesome you're thinking so far ahead! I can make your decision 1/3 easier, because they actually don't have an official blogger track anymore. So you only have to choose between speaker and writer :)

    As far as which to choose first, I would choose the thing you are most passionate about pursing. Lots of times people get more speaking engagements once they have a book, so perhaps it would be wise to focus on the writing first. Just a thought. You will benefit just from being around like-minded women, whichever track you choose!

  2. What is IRL?? I'm not sure if I'm the one you are referring to, but I really am interested. I need to start praying about where God wants me to allocate my resources next summer.....but I would LOVE it if this conference was it! What an adventure it would be!!

  3. IRL = In Real Life. And you, Michelle, are one of those!

  4. Conference Dates are July 21 - 24, 2011. So far that is the only information.

  5. I googled "She Speaks 2011" and came across your blog! Always nice to "meet" a fellow aspiring writer! I am thinking I'd like to attend this conference. I heard about it online and it's actually driving distance from me (3 hours, if it's still being held in Charlotte!), so it is definitely accessible. I have a story to share but I don't know HOW to share it, so I need some tips! Hopefully the new info will come out soon.

  6. Too funny...I also googled "She Speaks 2011" and found a link to your blog. And after reading just a small part....oh my, we have a lot in common, including Texas...:). Thanks for sharing (even if it was in September!). I am hoping I can find my way from TX to NC come July...


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