Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love Those Lips

In the process of recovering photos off my nearly dead photo storage drive, the Captain has actually been looking at the archives. He has found SEVERAL old drives with data on them, including old photos stored on computers we don't use any longer. On those drives were stored photos as far back as Baby #1's birth (when we converted to digital--we don't have much from before that), which I haven't seen since we packed up and moved from Michigan in 2004.

Of course, like any good kid or kid at heart, he must occasionally stop and play with what he finds.

This morning, after several weeks of photo withdrawal, I open up my email to find this:

This makes my heart happy.

I am inspired to learn Photoshop better, so I can make my photos look more awesome.

Funny thing, when I ask the big guy about how to make this photo, he pulls out his iPhone and shows me a free app he has downloaded. This photo isn't even from the archives, and he didn't even use Photoshop.

He never ceases to amuse me.

I'm still inspired.

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  1. So... which app? And where is the photo from?


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