Saturday, September 11, 2010

30 Days of Excellence: Starting to Feel Challenged

It's not supposed to be difficult, this finding positive qualities in my kids. Specifically Boo.

Yet for some reason tonight I find myself literally Googling images of this:

Nah, Boo isn't really the problem. I am beating my head against the wall with this Judges study. I distract myself with things I shouldn't be even thinking about this month,

like picking new paint colors for my house, to go with the new hand-me-down furniture you haven't seen yet because I haven't worked out my photo storage problems yet...

oh, and my garden...

But I digress.

In the midst of trying to focus on this Bible study and finding a thousand other things to occupy my attention, I got a phone call at the end of school on Friday from her P.E. teacher, telling me she has trouble following directions in class.

Like, I already knew that.

And no, I don't have any wisdom or tips for you. I'm sorta drowning in it myself, and was hoping you might have a helpful word for me.

But in the absence of that, we all sat down again on Friday night and laid down the law again about how important we find following directions.

She is a good kid with good intentions. In these 30 days of noticing her good qualities, maybe it's okay to keep repeating things over and over. I do love that she shows initiative.

I just don't love the messes it makes and the people it hurts when she doesn't pay a lick of attention to anyone else while she is going after what she wants.

I really hope we have a breakthrough soon. I can't believe it's the third week of school and I have already been called by two of her teachers about behavior problems.

In good news, we had fun watching a terrible musical together last night. She outlasted little brother and sister so we ended up with just three of us. I had a glimpse of how fun it will be to be friends with her when she grows up and comes home as an adult.

And today I enjoyed watching her impulsively plan an art show, and end up spending tons of time making ads while not actually creating any art. I got a laugh out of that.

But for now I think I just need to go to bed. All this banging my head against the wall has given me a headache and I'm just blaming it on my firstborn. I'll be back when I have something nicer to say!

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  1. I relate. My oldest son, 10yrs of full detail-attentive, independent personality tends to have "behavior" problems. Ours isn't so much the behavior as the follow-through with directions. Now, if we can only get him to harness all those strong, independent-minded energy into a productive direction. Hence, this part of WHY we homeschool. And this weekend, I'm reminded our limited time to train him up while I'm also reaching the end of my training rope. Lifeline, God, ahem "Help." I'm totally with you. Just wanted to share your 'pain'. Here's to parenting pains.


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