Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Bug

Q: What's worse than helplessly watching your 1 year old infant barf her brains out, every 15 minutes for 3 1/2 hours?

A: Having your 4 year old son join in at the 3 hour mark and keep it up hourly for an additional 6 hours, while the other parent is out of town on business and your parents are spending their last night of vacation in your house. Knowing the miserable children are paying the price for your good deed in taking your mother-in-law treats two days ago during her bout with this bug. Losing your appetite after such an intense mommy experience, and waiting, just waiting for your turn, because you know there is very little chance of escaping after all the bodily fluids you have been exposed to during the very, very long night of wakefulness. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.

Q: What's the saving grace in a situation like this?

A: The parents were in the house to lend extra hands and encouragement. They were able to drive a car to the airport in the morning and park it on their way out of town, because the Captain was coming in just a few short hours later; thus eliminating the need for two airport runs. The in-laws were able to bring supplies like pedialyte, lysol, and coffee to help us all return to normal and disinfect the house before the Captain showed up. And the Captain, despite a severe cold that has taken his voice just now, sent a very spent mommy to bed at 6pm while he put the kids to bed and cleaned up the kitchen for a fresh start today.

Oh, and Valentine's Day was not wrecked, because we had already celebrated with a special date night on the 5th, plus he gave me a bonus gift on Thursday before leaving on his trip. How awesome is that!

Today the sun is shining. There is still a possibility of getting my turn tonight or tomorrow, but for now everything is operating on normal. Boo is at school, Rooster at preschool. The voiceless Captain is at work with only two more days to go. Lulu is sleeping. I've got a mountain of laundry to tackle, and the simple job of clearing the kitchen counter of clutter. I can do this.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Hi Krista,I am so happy to catch up with you. I can't believe Lulu is already a year old! That nasty stomach bug is in my daughter's home and hasn't touched Rosebud yet-we are praying it won't. Congratulations on your check for writing. WooHoo! Write on...


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