Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stand back, I'm a professional!

In the life of a writer (of this writer, at least), there are three payoff days for every successful job. First comes the day that your work is accepted. Later comes the day when your work is actually published. And finally, there is the day you receive payment.

I had three of the first kind of day last fall. It's a great feeling to know your work is worthy of publication, and the thrill of that brings enough momentum to continue pursuing other jobs.

I have seen my work published once so far, in an online format. Also a thrill, that urged me back into pursuing work. I currently have one other article accepted for publication in an online format, and a third set to publish in print this May.

But in a year and a half of half-hearted trying, I had yet to see any financial reward for my work. That is, until today. I can now officially say that being a freelance writer pays more than being a stay at home mom. Or something like that.

As usual, this check arrived in God's perfect timing. It's just the carrot I need to fully emerge from the funk of the last three months, and buckle back down to working my craft. What a needed boost!

Hopefully I can get enough in the pipeline that my next payment arrives in less than another 18 months.


  1. So I have this little heart that is like a proud--youth leader? Umm more like friend with a little YL stuck in. Not surprised, would expect it for you in the most respectful sense of the word, all giddy for you, and wish I would have been there when you got the check out of the mailbox!

  2. What an awesome day! I fully enjoy reading your blogs and I wish I could send you a check.


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