Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in Without You

My favorite melancholy music comes from Over the Rhine. I've been following their career since the beginning, back when they were performing $2 coffeehouse gigs at my alma mater in the early '90's. Recently I priced out one of their shows in Seattle; it would have been $30 a ticket for dinner plus the show.

A couple years back they released an album of Christmas and winter music. One of my favorite songs from that album says, "I wanna get snowed in with you."

My dad got half that wish this morning. Sadly, it was the wrong half.

After finishing out the week at work, his flight was scheduled to leave Akron/Canton dark and early at 6am today. Unfortunately, the largest winter storm of the year dumped a foot of snow on the entire region overnight. Today, he is officially snowed in.

This is strange to consider from my central Texas location, because I am set to do some mowing and yard work today.

I hear the snow blanket is beautiful! I hear I'm going to see some lovely photos. But the kids will be bummed that they have to wait until tomorrow to get out the electric train to play with their favorite train buddy.

Have a fun free day, Dad. Safe travels tomorrow.

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