Friday, February 12, 2010

S'bux to the Rescue

What was it Murphy said? Anything that can go wrong will, at the worst possible moment? This has been that kind of day. And it's only noon. But I'm not going to let it bother me, I am not!

As things started out, this is almost my parents' last day in town. And the Captain had to go on one final business trip (he's starting a new job in March), and it had to be over the weekend. Yes, Valentine's weekend. But that's ok, we rolled with it. The parentals are on their way to Waco to visit some friends, and they said their goodbyes to him before they left. Then I was able to drop the C. at the airport to pick up his rental car. Which makes for a nice quiet day!


This morning, my coffeemaker flat out died. I filled it with water, lined the basket with a filter, and measured in the grounds. However, as apparently no water could get pulled from the reservoir up to the basket, all I got was hot grounds. I make no representation that I have been diligent about using filtered water, or regularly cleaning the pot with a vinegar rinse. C'mon, I barely keep the floors clean.

As I worked on a fix, the "mechanism that opens the bottom of the filter basket to allow coffee to drip, while keeping it closed if there is no pot to catch it," burst apart. And would not go back together. It's done broke.

But I want to research before I buy. We saw an episode of "America's Test Kitchen" right after we got the coffeemaker, that told us how to evaluate whether it makes good coffee. Perfect coffee comes out of the dripper at 195 degrees, and at a speed of 7 minutes or less for a 12 cup pot.

We tested ours and guess what? It brews at 145 degrees, in about 20 minutes. That is approximately three times the length of my attention span. And I have hated it ever since.

So I rejoice today, for now I can justify getting a new one! But I want to get a good one, so I'm going to sacrifice for a few days until I know which one to get. Good thing there's a Starbucks at my local Kroger. And maybe I can borrow a maker for a couple days from my in-laws down the road.


I called the Captain's mom with this in my mind, only to discover that she has been sick all night! By the good fortune of my needing something from her, I was able to catch her in a moment of need (she doesn't ask for help much) and offer to bring her whatever she wanted from Kroger. It was no bother, because I was going there anyway for my rescue coffee, and already mentally planning a trip to her house in the country to look for an old coffeemaker in the garage.

I think about how this whole series of events came together, and reflect once again on the Lord's finesse. That dumb pot was going to die sooner or later, but he worked it so that I could be in the right spot to help one of the most giving people in my life. I think I was able to bless her, but wow, what a blessing to me to be able to bring Jello, Ginger Ale, and Saltines that visibly revived her. That gave me a nice warm sense of accomplishment, which is all the reward I need.

I didn't end up finding a coffeepot out at the ranch, but I did get my rescue coffee at S'bux. And my mom told me there's a way to use filters and hot water (and maybe some ropes and pulleys, I'm not sure) to drip some desperation coffee. She called it the "Billy Pot" method. I'm so intrigued, I'm going to wait a couple days to replace the pot, just for the fun of it.

If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear about it. So far it's between the Cuisinart Brew Station and the Bunn, but I am open to suggestions at least through Sunday night.

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  1. Depending on what you're looking for, this coffee snob can give you some good recommendations. Actually, I'd recommend a (slightly) cheaper brewer and a good grinder. But that's perhaps just my elitism kickin' in. Boy, do I miss you! Love to catch up sometime.


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