Thursday, July 2, 2009


My mom rocks. She got out the peaches today and made pie. Not the pie for Saturday's July 4 festivities, but a practice pie. She should practice some more today, I think. Then there will be even more pie to go around!

The peaches led my dad and I into a great discussion about our cameras. He's got a super-fancy ultimate Nikon, which takes amazing photos. I've got a sweet, petite, budget-friendly Kodak, which gets the job done. But as I was attempting to document the peaches, he showed me some techniques to make my photos look a little more professional. Something tells me this vacation is going to include photography school. Let me know if you start to notice better quality photos, okay?

While my parents were at Texas Roadhouse celebrating their anniversary, the kids and I took my Nana out for Grinders. She got to meet Lulu for the first time.

The kids were... well, hyenas. I'm not sure if it was really because of us, but the five tables around us cleared out all about the same time, leaving us alone in the corner. I apologize if we gave anyone (besides myself) indigestion.

What drastic measures do you take, when drastic measures are called for? We have had to eat out every day since Sunday, and they have been this way every time. I squeeze them for attention, I threaten them, I take them out to the car for a tongue lashing. This month, I cannot simply deprive them (and myself) of eating out. I don't know how to reset the game to get obedient kids that can be taken in public. And I'm starting to hate myself for trying.


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  1. I'm just getting caught up on your road trip. Very entertaining and very well written. Even though you didn't enjoy the driving, I did.

    As for the eating out... I think we all struggle with it, but I have tried to communicate beforehand the expectations and bring entertainment. When you see behavior you like... REWARD IT!

    Baby steps, we're just asking for baby steps.


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