Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Mom Moment

After three days of travel, two days of re-establishing equilibrium, three days of holiday, and a family birthday party, I finally feel as though I have arrived on vacation. To celebrate, I started taking the kids on walks to the park in the mornings.

One of the highlights of visiting my parents is the duck pond down at the park. Bet you can guess what the kids like to do with the ducks.

On this fine morning, a friend and I sat on a park bench and watched the kids run around and enjoy themselves. Rooster stopped by the swings for awhile before shadowing an adolescent fisherman who had just landed the catch of his life, in the form of what looked like a 15" fish. Boo Bear, on the other hand, bypassed the playground in favor of her ducks.

Under strict orders not to chase the ducks this time, she started out walking sloooowly around the pond. The crowd of ducks parted in front of her, closing again as she walked past. Other ducks sloooowly cascaded into the pond when she nonchalantly wandered in their direction.

Of course all warnings were forgotten soon enough (I try so hard to remember, Mom, but my brain just makes me do these things!) and the running and shoo-ing began in earnest. Sometimes I fight the fight; today I chose to enjoy precious moments with my friend.

The action reached a crescendo just as our time was about to end. Together, my friend and I gazed across the pond at Boo Bear interacting with a small clump of kids (escorted by their mom and a stroller), apparently showing them the tricks of how to pick up a duck. I am sure that mom is still grateful that her kids now know how simple it really is.

Just as I was thinking to myself, Did I really just see that? Did she really just do that? it got better. Duck firmly grasped in hands, small audience agape with the wonder of it all, she turned toward the pond and threw the duck into the air as confidently and naturally as if she had been doing it her whole life. In that magical, horrifying moment, the duck burst into flight and carried herself to safety.

My friend cheered.

I was mortified--yet impressed. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be the mom, because it looked so cool! But I am the mom. So tell me, what's a mom to do when her offspring breaks the rules in such admirable fashion?

Trying to play it cool, I made my way to the far side of the pond and questioned Boo. I tried to explain that throwing ducks isn't very nice to the duck, mentally adding, plus every witness will think I'm a terrible person for allowing it!

Of course, her explanation cleared everything up.

But Mom, it wasn't a duck, it was just the baby turkey. And he didn't mind, he didn't even run away!


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  1. Oh, this post made me cry. The pictures just made me so homesick.

    And then I had to laugh...
    Once upon a time, I went to that exact same park for mother's day. I decided that the one thing my mother wanted most in the whole world was a baby duck. So I spent over an hour catching one. I presented it to my mom, with it's mother following along behind. I would love to meet your daughter, I am very sure she will remember catching that duck forever.


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