Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Faces

I have been trying to capture the many faces of Boo. She doesn't often sit for a posed picture, and when she does, I don't think she really looks like herself.

This carefree result

is really rare.

So I chase her around and try to catch her engrossed in activity.

This strategy presents a small challenge, due to her tendency to flit between activities with the precocious intensity of a butterfly. I frequently post the one or two pictures that represent what I wanted; here are some that better demonstrate what actually happens.

On occasion Boo Bear will decide to mug for the camera. Better watch out, Boo, you are giving me a really good reel for that wedding video someday!

And once in a while, my firstborn angel will take a moment out of her busy day to try to give me what I ask for. I love when she's a good sport. Maybe someday she will thank me for it.

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