Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No More Shopping?

Sometimes your kids reveal something about the voice you unintentionally give to your private thoughts. Such as my personal motivation for someone's success at potty training. Yesterday I bought a new pack of 15 night-time diapers. We will be home in 18 nights. So I made the comment that he would make mommy very happy if he could go even three nights with a dry diaper.

This conversation with Rooster tells me I might need to work on keeping my inner monologue, well, inner:

Me: Are you going to keep your diaper dry for me tonight?
Roo: Yep! Then you won't have to go shopping any more!
Me: That's great! I would love it not to have to go shopping ever again!
Roo: (in a worried voice): But wait a minute, Gramma doesn't have any cookies.

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