Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Farm

After our endurance drive, we welcomed the opportunity to visit a small private family farm with our cousins. Besides getting to run around a huge open space for three hours, the kids got to play with kittens, pet pigs, touch chickens, feed goats, swing on various types of tree swings, jump on a trampoline, explore a cabin full of antique games, and get lost in the woods.

It was just what we needed.

Words can not fully describe the restoration to my soul, brought by all the lush green trees and grass here in Ohio. Texas does boast an early and exotic spring season, but we just drove out of the scalding prairie furnace of midsummer. Vegetation now primarily runs to brittle and brown, drawing sharp contrast to this more verdant climate. Today's local high of 70 invited me to forget last week's intense 105 degree days.

We have come upon Ohio during the peak season of her charm. As we head into Independence Day weekend, I am prepared to settle in for visits with friends, baking peach pie with my mom, and maybe even tackling a few new writing assignments.

To paraphrase Psalm 23:

The Lord gives me green meadows and serenity... He restores my soul... My cup overflows.

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