Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nine Months

Nine months of Pinky Lu Who

Today I celebrate the fun things that our precious baby has brought to our lives in the nine months since January 20.

All babies are precious, without exception. Some are survivors of things no parent wants for their child, and they become more precious for having survived. Some are taken earlier than any parent could be ready for, and they are precious for the brief moments they touched our lives.

We are humbled to have been blessed with a third healthy pregnancy, an easy delivery, and a good sleeper with a happy temperament. The more I've been around, the more I have realized what a precious gift each of these things really is.

Nine months of 2 kids and a Baby Doll

At nine months, Lulu has just recently moved from our closet into her crib, sharing a room with the Rooster. Easygoing gal that she is, we had zero transition pains.

She drinks about 20 ounces of her special milk a day, eats three meals totaling about 10 ounces of any food you give her, and sleeps about 17 hours between full nights and two good naps. This week she tried goldfish for the first time, and gave her full approval.

So far we have seen one tooth, watched her get more adept with rolling over, and seen her start to figure out how to scoot. She likes to clap, and sing along with the vacuum cleaner, coffee grinder and blender. We also enjoy her chirping and cooing most of the rest of the time. Occasionally she will be placed upon the piano bench, and she already knows how to make music like a lady!

Our Baby Doll enjoys being the object of everyone's attention, and actually doesn't quite know what to do with herself if she's awake but not eating or playing with someone. Must be nice having siblings to entertain you all the time!

Waking time not spent in the eating chair is spent in the playpen. This was a defensive move to help those eager siblings know what is her personal space. They tend to ascribe to the school of rough love. It's also going to be nice in a couple weeks when she becomes mobile. Her favorite thing is when someone stands her up in the play pen so she can peer over the rail and laugh at all of us.

Don't grow up too fast, Pinky!

The personality on this little tyke is amazing. As I shop with her, I am constantly startled to find other shoppers suddenly look in my direction and start smiling. I look down and see her locking eyes and grinning at everyone she meets, as if sharing the greatest joke in the world.

A few days ago as I picked her up from childcare after my Bible study, one of the workers commented, She may be tiny but her sense of self is huge! Just last night I was across the street at a girls' party, and my neighbors demanded an appearance from the little princess. So I was obliged to return home and fetch her to grant an audience!

To sum up, this pink baby is a lot of fun. She fits in with whatever we are doing, and makes it even more fun. She's a little smaller than the others were at the same age, and a little slower to hit her milestones, but I'm savoring every minute of my baby doll. She is welcome to take her time as much as she wants.


  1. Yay for third babies! She is such a sweet looking little girl *heart*

  2. sweet little bug, so glad we get to watch her grow up (hopefully not too fast)
    xoxoxo W&Sera

  3. she is precious, and i love seeing how her sense of self already impacts the world


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