Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Checklist

Kids packed and off to Grammy's: Check.
Shower and pack for overnight stay: Check.
Tickets and earplugs: Check.
Gas tank full for 200 mile drive: Check.
Arrive hotel: Check.
45 minute, 3 mile drive to event vicinity: Check.
Pay for parking Spend $40 on bonus gift, leave receipt on dash: Check.
Walk six blocks to brand new Cowboy Stadium: Check.

Pass through checkpoint with camera and valid tickets: Big check.
Find food, survive sticker shock: Check.
Smile: Check.

Enjoy opening act: Check.


Experience the biggest recording artist of my generation:


Crossing "See U2 in Concert" off my lifetime to-do list: Priceless.

Best. Birthday. Surprise. Ever.


  1. WOW! all i can say is...WOW!!!

    and i'm jealous!

    but happy for you!!! :)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah! Happy BIrthday! Now i must expose my ignorance....who is the biggest recording artist of your generation? I cannot figure it out from the pics...

    Whisper in the wind


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