Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enrich your Chocolate Word Power

The Power of Chocolate
Boo has officially reached the age of chocolate awareness.

Early on, we were able to raid her Halloween collection for all the good stuff, leaving her with Laffy Taffy and Tootsie Rolls, and she was perfectly happy. It worked out well for all involved parties.

These days, I have to be much more stealthy about raiding that candy collection. In fact, I may not be able to get away with it this year.

I suddenly realized that Boo has turned into a chocolate hound, on a recent afternoon as she followed me around my kitchen. Just me and my shadow...

I opened the freezer door looking for something to make for dinner. Over my shoulder I heard her exclaim, "Hey, there's chocolate in there!" She had spotted my secret Butterfinger stash, hidden on the top shelf.

I slammed the freezer and moved to the pantry, still restlessly searching for dinner items. Without missing a beat, she shouted, "Hey, there's more chocolate!" A rare find, she pointed to a package of chocolate cookies I had bought at the grocery that afternoon. Boy she's quick!

Next I opened the baking cupboard, gathering salt and baking soda to make bread. Hopping up and craning her neck, the excitement reaching a fever pitch, Boo yelled, "Mom! There's MORE chocolate!" Yes, she had honed right in on the open bag of chocolate chips, my last resort emergency stash. Like a pointer dog or something.

How did she do that? My days of anonymous chocolate consumption have ended. There will be only sharing or hiding from now on.

I promised you a new word in this post. Are you ready?

The Power of a Word
This afternoon I received a belated birthday gift in the mail. Thank you beloved Christina, of the yellow cab and the red springs, sharer of LOST lore, surrogate aunt of my children, knower of my soul!

As I opened the box in front of my young audience, a ziplock bag of mini peanut butter cups (my favorite) fell out. The children ignored the tissue wrapped remainder of the gift, but gasped in wonder that chocolate should come in a box.

Feeling generous, I offered to share a peanut butter cup with each of them. After all, there were at least 20 in the bag. They jubilantly chose one each and scampered to the kitchen, celebrating as they went:


"That's beyond awesome!"

"No, that's BE-AWESOME!"

They tell me they learned it from Bolt. I was so impressed at appropriate use of a brand-new word, I gave them each two more.

Long live word power.

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  1. That's fantastic. My daughter has also reached chocolate awareness. Thankfully, our son does not like chocolate.

    Stopping by to say hi!


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