Thursday, October 18, 2007

Promote Literacy

We have been doing a lot of reading around here this month. Maren is crossing over from pre-literate to being able to sound out and read cereal boxes, charts, newspapers, anything with words. What a magical time in a kid's life!

Jesse is getting on the bandwagon, too. In the last 2 weeks he has started singing the ABC song. We sing it together in the car (ad nauseum), and he sings it for anyone who walks through the room. He sings it under his breath, and at the top of his lungs. JJ is very proud of his new song.

So this morning when I heard him singing his ABC's in the far part of the house, I smiled and kept on working. Shortly after that, he trundled into my room chanting “ABC” under his breath. As I turned to greet him, he held up something he had found: a fortune cookie from last night's Chinese dinner. He pointed to the cookie and said reverently, “wook Mom, ABC's!”

Of course I had to give it to him. So I opened it and pulled out the fortune, with him whispering “ABC” as he looked on. And his fortune? No joke:

“Promote literacy. Buy a box of fortune cookies today.”

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