Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Festivities

Another of the many things I have learned in Texas is that slicing and dicing of pumpkins is best left until the last few days before Halloween, as the warm temperatures here cause jack-o-lanterns to degrade faster than they do up north. But that's ok, because we can paint them instead. Whit loves to paint, Maren and Jesse love to paint, and I love being able to work on my own pumpkin instead of helping the kids work with sharp knives.

Saturday we had Pumpkin Painting Craft Hour and had a blast. See our handiwork! Whit painted the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, Maren painted and embellished a kitty, I painted sunflowers, and Jesse... well Jesse just painted.

Sunday the family endorsed our homage to traditional fall in Michigan. We can't visit an apple orchard here, but I will always feel that cider and donuts are an essential part of fall no matter where I am. The Texas gang agreed that this is officially a new fall tradition for here too.

And don't they all look happy? Times are good in Texas this fall...

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