Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday Fun

My birthday this year was especially meaningful. Everything else in my life is on hold waiting for our house to sell, but birthdays just come on their appointed day. For me, that day is the 13th of October. Last year my day still got a little lost as I was traveling and reuniting with Justin's relatives in preparation for a family wedding on the 15th. So....

Last dip in the pool for 2007

This year we went all out, all day. First Mom B made birthday creme brulee french toast. Oh, wow, you really need to experience that sometime. In the morning we went to a miniature horse farm with Justin's parents and brother. When we got home I went swimming for the last time this year, just to say I did. And then we got out one of my gifts, a party game for the Wii called Carnival. We all, even Maren, had fun playing Skee Ball, Hoop Shot, Ring Toss and more.

We had my favorite dinner, Killer Shrimp, with German Chocolate Cake for dessert. We ended up eating in front of the TV as we watched A&M play Texas Tech. Mom B pulled the coffee tables together and set them with tablecloths and candles.

The football game was a blowout loss, but I really enjoyed having family time together. Thanks to everyone who made the evening what it was!

What I wanted this year was either flowers or balloons, a wrapped present to unwrap, and to be with people I love. What I got was completely spoiled. As you can see, there were both flowers and balloons. There were several presents to unwrap, some that had been sent by far away family and friends.

Balloons AND Flowers!

Since all my jewelry that hasn't been lost to children rummaging through my collection is now lost to storage in an unmarked box, I told anyone who asked that I would love gifts of jewelry this year. Except my friend who manages a Starbucks, bet you can guess what I asked her for.... Anyway, I feel so pampered that I essentially now have a complete new jewelry collection. I was even given a gift card to go to my favorite bead store and pick out and make something myself!

Another gift was my children posing so well this day!

In addition to jewelry, my mom also sent a little round rug she picked up in Fiji last summer. And the moment I laid that on the floor next to my bed, our upstairs bedroom in my in-laws' home suddenly began to feel like my own space. That made it a pretty cool gift. Here you can see my new rug next to my side table, on which are all the gifts that made my heart so happy this year. Laugh at me if you want, but presents were really good for my heart this year. You can also see my stuffed orange kitty, a thoughtful gift from Whitney, which has been helping my heart heal from the sad loss of Milo.

I really hope that by next year's birthday we will be in a much different place. But I still had a fun day that was much needed and appreciated.

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