Friday, October 26, 2007

False Advertising

From every person who recommended I leave all my winter clothes in Utah, I would like a refund.

I will also accept a long sleeve shirt, a glove, a hat, or a nose warmer.

I did not in fact leave all of those items behind, but they are in fact buried in storage since I was not prepared to actually need them. I was saving them for sentimental reasons.

Except the nose warmer, I did think I would be using it as a decorative accessory around Christmas time.

This is October. In Ohio, Indiana, Michigan or Utah, I would expect to be cold this month. I would expect the first frost to have already happened, and I would expect to be wearing long sleeves and gloves by now. I even expected to need gloves in Texas around the first of the year.

But the idea that I wouldn't need my winter clothes more than a day or two here and there was a significant overstatement. I had ice on my windshield this morning, in October!

So I declare false advertising.

Fortunately, this works out okay for me because half my wardrobe is not as obsolete as I was led to believe. I may be able to wear that half for the next four months.

The flip side is, my children need winter clothes because I have no idea where last year's clothes ended up. On the 105-degree August day that we were arranging the boxes in storage, I wasn't keeping an eye out for winter things.

I bought Jesse a terrific red windbreaker last year, but it's in one of those boxes. I have a feeling that by the time I find it, he will have outgrown it. Oh well. You try to plan ahead and something always comes up...

So cheers to you who must be living through the dark part of winter already, if this week in Texas is any indication. Today I will be drinking hot tea, wearing slippers, and thinking of you. Maybe later I'll get out to the garage to look for my nose warmer.

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