Monday, March 7, 2011

Drink :: Time for a Fresh Glass

In Central Texas, spring already raises her head. New plants and seeds went into the garden two weeks ago, and a pea-sized Early Girl tomato already grows in my greenhouse.

Spring, the season of new beginnings; of growth.

Part of the new beginning was born out of a week's worth of hard uprooting, reclaiming the bed along the back fence from native grasses that thrive on unattended soil. New shoots already poke up, offending remnants of the underground root network I tried vainly to remove cleanly.

A week's worth of hard uprooting might do my soul some good right now, too.

Seems like the slightest breeze turns my steps to the right or left, away from the direct path toward my Maker. The smell of spring; a sick kid; time to register for a long-awaited conference; steps toward greater leadership within my local church; a new blog design.

Thanks to my yearlong commitment to Drink Deeply from the well of God's living water, I continually adjust my steps back toward center. Today felt like an off-center day, and it wrapped up with a (very nicely worded) rejection letter. Not too painful--well, maybe a little more so than I expected--but enough to check me once again.

What am I about here? If pride received a blow, then perhaps, like the weeds in my garden, I have some tending to do.

I sit here so grateful for the knowledge that despite a day of knowing I ignored a quiet summons in the wee hours, my Maker is still waiting patiently for me. It's time to go take care of some weeds.

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