Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Word for 2011: Drink

I did not know at first. But when it came to me, I recognized it instantly, as familiar as my favorite hoodie.

This year I have set goals for writing, for time management, for exploring my creative side, for reading through the Bible again.

But to focus those goals, to distill them down to One Word, could I do that? After reading an inspiring post from Alece, the idea camped on a background processor in my brain and set to work without my really intending it.

A few years back I purchased a new Bible for myself; a New Living Translation, slimline, full metal jacket edition marketed to young adults. It is even hinged. The cover features the embossed outline of the lid of a soda can, with the question, "Thirsty?"

I have never cared one way or the other about the image on the front. I just loved the idea of a shiny silver hardcover on my book. That way if I happened to get shot while reading it, and happened to be carrying it in a chest pocket, it could protect my heart by catching the bullet.

What? It could happen.

Seriously, I love metaphor; and although it is a bit cheesy, I always appreciate the metaphor of drinking from God's Word.

God uses water in many redemptive ways throughout the Bible, from the Great Flood to the parting of the Red Sea, from the buckets of water drenching Elijah's sacrifice to the symbolic medium of John the Baptizer. But my favorite of all is found in John 4, when Jesus straight-up tells the Woman at the Well that he has water she can drink, after which she will never thirst again.

Drink Deeply
Late last year, I began to seek God's Word more intensely as the source of life water for my soul. Of course, right? September found me buried in Judges, writing a Bible study; in October I embarked on reading through the Bible in 90 Days; in November I began a series on teaching others to Unlock the Bible. The more I got into Scripture, the more I craved it. And through it all this thought crystallized,

before I can share God's wisdom,
I need to drink deeply  from his well.

The crave continues. This newfound "addiction" leads me closer to God. His words spring to mind more frequently while engaged in conversation. His thoughts flavor my perspective of life. And when I find myself off-balance, the well is the thing I turn to for reassurance.

So last night, when my word came to me, I recognized it immediately. I would love to spend an entire year focused on this one thing. I believe it will continue to influence me in growing measure, and will direct my personal goals into exactly the reality they are meant to have.


(Ha, ha. No, not that. Although sometimes . . . no. Not that. You know what I mean.)

Drink from the well.
Drink, and quench the thirst.
Drink, and share. Share life.

What is your One Word for 2011?


  1. i love your word, krista! i have always desired to truly thirst after God and His Word. but i honestly can't say that i have. the mental picture you create with your word and your post make me want it even more.

    Lord make me thirsty for you... allow my heart to drink deeply of Yours...

  2. I'd say that my one word is fulfillment. Fulfillment of long held dreams, fulfillment of God's call on my life, fulfillment of God's promises to the full. Yes, definitely fulfillment.

    But I like drink! :)

  3. That's one cool Bible, Krista! I like your word -- it's unique and off the beaten path, but yet it makes sense...drinking deeply of God's Word.

    I don't have one word this year -- in fact, I've never done that before. But I do have a verse from Exodus that I am concentrating on: Exodus 14: 13-14.

  4. I love it, Krista! My word for this year is wisdom. I can't get that without drinking deeply from the well that provides living water.

    I admire your passion for the Word. It resonates with me and I'm inspired by it. I'm excited to see the fruit of that for you this year. Drink on!

    My One Word:2011 - Wisdom


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