Friday, January 7, 2011

A little transparency

I think the time has come to 'fess up. Here sits the monkey on my back, the besetting sin that will not quit.

I am a messy.

I could elaborate, but Neil Diamond knew the truth that a picture paints a thousand words:

Yes, you also see the Christmas tree in the background.
I will get to putting that away when I get to it.
Would you like to watch me try to break my messy habit, while juggling 3 kids and the accompanying 15 meals a day, 10 loads a week tidal wave?

I can not promise satisfaction. But I am tired of living with myself, so I have developed a personal challenge for the rest of this month. Maybe even (ack!) this year. And maybe, if I know you are watching, I will meet the challenge. At the very least I will have reached for it.

I am going to clear off this counter ... permanently. Starting with every day for the rest of January, I will fight to keep it free of clutter, by attending to it every day.

To make room for my open Bible.

You see, I have been waiting all week to get that counter clear so I could present my Kitchen Counter Bible reading plan, as mentioned earlier this week. What better way to implement my One Word than to keep the well of Living Water open on my kitchen counter, day in and day out?

My progress so far has been . . . less than stellar. I hate details SO much.

So I am showing it to you NOT clear in the hope that within 24 hours, I can show you the "after" photo, and begin my weekend with a lighter heart.

Here's my detailed plan.

Step 1: Just do it.
Step 2: When faced with a stall, pick up one item and put it away, every time I walk past the counter.
Step 3: Next time, don't put it down there in the first place.

It's foolproof, right?

Maybe after I succeed at this task, I'll keep going and edit all the cupboards and drawers in my kitchen. That sounds like a nice project while the Captain attends his business training in Chicago next week.

But I lose focus.

Will post again when I have that "after" ready to show off, and my victory dance prepared.


  1. I'm a messy, too! Is that a sin? If so I'm in big trouble! You can do it!

  2. Hmm... maybe not a sin exactly, but I know God wants us to practice self-discipline. Good question; I had to think about that for a moment.

  3. Godspeed with the counter - and the Bible plan will work. Don't laugh, or point fingers, but mine has been on the top of my toliet tank for 20 years now - shocking how much Bible you can read that way.

    Never mind. Pretend I didn't share that.

    God Bless, and good to be reading you again.

  4. You are such a brave woman to put that picture out there. But I must say, I'm a messy too . . . and for a minute, I thought you had stepped into my home and taken a picture of my counter.

    I love your plan. Because you must have gotten into my head to write that post. And that a clear counter gets an open Bible. For frequent viewing, frequent reading, frequent reflection.

    We must be kindred spirits.


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