Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Living the Vicarious Life

This morning, we jumped back into our routine with both feet. And very little of the routine:
  • After dropping the kids at school, I shuttled the Captain up to the county courthouse for jury duty. Now that we have one car, we have to finesse car usage just a bit.
  • I called the pediatrician to make an appointment for Rooster, who told me last night after weeks of coughing, "Mama, I can't breathe. No, not in my nose; I can't take a full breath from down here."
  • I returned to the school to shuttle Rooster to the pediatrician, where he received a breathing treatment, a laundry list of prescriptions, and a diagnosis of bronchitis.
  • I dropped the prescriptions off at Walgreens, and Lulu off at her Mothers' Day Out program.
  • Rooster and I dropped in on Grammy to say hi and tidy up a bit after our weekend out there. We also watched parts of Fantasia.
  • I returned to Walgreens for medications, and was about to pick up Lulu before our final return home when the Captain phoned in on his lunch break with a jury duty report.

Apparently this is a bigger trial than any I have sat on, as the selection process itself was only halfway completed. He has been told that if he is impaneled with this jury, he should expect to be committed to it until the end of next week. Next week!

This could be very interesting. Nighttime work deployments this week, Burdine boys flying in this weekend for family Christmas, a random business trip scheduled next week. Is it okay to admit I've got my fingers crossed for him that he will be finished with his civic duty by the end of this day?

Did you know an Albuterol chamber dispenser looks just like a gun?
Neither did I, until his chubby hands reached out, "I want to touch it!"

In the car with the whole family on the way to school, conversation centered around what each of us was up to today. Daddy was going someplace else today (a novelty when you work from home); the kids had school and a potential appointment. Then...

"What's Mommy doing today?" Rooster wondered. 
Boo responded with, "Mom is doing everything else." 
To which Roo countered, "No, she is just spending her entire day taking us to the everythings we are doing."

Thank you for noticing! At least it is interesting to see what everyone else in the family has going on today.

So much for a quiet reboot to my year. Truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way, or I might get bored. But right now, I am going to stare at a wall for an hour before the bus brings Boo home and we await the Captain's call to drive back to the courthouse and pick him up.


  1. I’ve been waiting for words from you to read. This was a blessing. So much on your plate. And it does look like a ray gun. And I can tell who keeps the family calendar. Good moms are so amazing.

    God bless and keep you and yours

  2. i like your explanations of life. they make the everyday as mysterious and fun as our kids seem to find it

  3. You have such a gift for writing humorously....and the chuckle was good in a I'm laughing WITH you (as opposed to at you). :) I'm totally relating in a homeschooly kinda way. Jumper cables or some of those heart attack shock pad thingy's are needed to get my routine/schedule (or their cousin) to come back to life or in the least, show a blip on the screen. Tomorrow?? Can we try again??

  4. Yikes! What a day! This is a window into the work of a mother who is stuck with "spending her entire day taking us to the everythings we are doing."

    Also, I love that where we see a medicine dispenser, your son sees a gun. Ah, to see with the eyes of a child...the wonder (and violence) of it all! ;)

    Ann Kroeker
    Content Editor


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