Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Food Ever :: Unlock the Bible {1}

Welcome to November. 2010 seemed to have such import when it arrived; yet it continues to slip away just as quickly as the years before it.


The days pour into months, months into years, and years evaporate at a mind-numbing pace. Somehow almost 15 years have passed since I graduated college with a diploma certifying that I had successfully earned a degree in Christian Education (how to teach people about the God and the Bible), and had additionally studied the Bible itself enough for a second degree in Biblical Literature.

The Bible stands unique among literature, claiming itself as the living Word of God. Hebrews 4:12 says:

For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

The Bible is a living document, that acts on the reader! In the 30 days series beginning today, you will not learn everything there is to know about the Bible. However, I hope you will systematically learn enough to increase your confidence as you study this amazing book.

The Best Food Ever!
My brain learns best when I can identify a system to the thing I am trying to learn, for then every new piece of information can be assigned to a part of the system. As I thought about how to systematically share background information, methodology, tools and more, I found a parallel between the Bible as spiritual nutrition, and food as physical nutrition. So I’m going with this as my system throughout the 30 days.

Just as we use food for different purposes throughout the day, so can we read the Bible in different ways at different times. In the morning, we look for God’s blessing on our day, and maybe a word of direction. Throughout the day, we call on memorized Scripture as sustenance. And at some point, we need to sit down for a good hearty meal of intentional study.

Did you know that when God first established his people as a nation, he declared that any new king was to write out the Law (basically the book of Deuteronomy) as his first task? And that his job was to read from the Law every day of his reign? (Catch it in Deuteronomy 17:18-20).

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself the queen of my little kingdom. Even if I don’t go to the extent of copying out the Law, I do need to be reading from God’s Word every day of my life, and making regular study an intentional priority. Without it, my spirit slowly starves until I have nothing left to give my family.

I am so glad you are joining me on this journey to break into that life-giving source of spiritual nutrition. Tomorrow we will start with Breakfast. We will stay there a few days, which makes me happy because breakfast is generally my favorite meal of the day. I hope you’re hungry!

Today I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite methods of Bible study? What questions do you have regarding unlocking this amazing (and sometimes intimidating) book?


  1. krista,
    i love to do a book at a time, really really slowly. like a verse a day. OR, reading through one of the shorter books every day for a month or so. Helps to "unlock" stuff that usually is passed over in a quick read through. Although, I've found, over the last couple years, that God will speak through one verse to get your attention if He needs to! It really really is a living breathing book!

  2. One of my favorite Observation Tool is to "put on glasses" looking for Truths, Promises, and Commands. Truths about God, truths about me as a believer, etc. Promises to cling to, Commands to obey.


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