Monday, August 30, 2010

I've found a new love

I find myself almost at the end of August, looking back in astonishment at the wide variety of experiences the month has held. I'll have to elaborate more later, as one of its myriad ingredients is a writing deadline for which I am not yet ready. I need to get busy!

But today, I simply must share one particular miracle that happened 10 days ago. Amidst all the decisions, interactions, visits and joys, a new star was born. Literally.

My friend-turned-sis-in-law Whit popped a few weeks earlier than expected and presented us with a little piece of heaven. I got to meet this darling bundle when she was just a few hours old, and unexpectedly (for I don't usually go ga-ga for babies), I fell in love with her. I looked at her, and something in my soul melted.

Baby meets her Kiki (that's me!) for the first time

All little boys are princes and all little girls are princesses, according to one of my favorite authors, George MacDonald. All are children of the King, the one who made us.

This little princess needs no other term of valuation. She is beautiful and perfect just as she is. And yet... she is named after the daughter of a Greek king, and after the bright light of morning.

She is a Light Princess, and she holds the key to my heart. I'm really looking forward to being Aunt Kiki to this miracle.


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