Thursday, August 19, 2010


In completely inconsequential news, we received enough rain today to fill my rain barrel. This first significant rainfall in two months was sorely needed, and cheered by my local friends. Some of them have cracks in the dirt of their yards so deep one cannot see all the way to the bottom. It's high time for a little rainy season around here. We have to keep the zombies from coming up from the center of the earth.

Not my rain barrel, but it's much nicer to look at.

To follow yesterday's manic house cleaning X2, today I topped it by driving a hundred miles to the airport to pick up Sweet Annie and The Coach. Then I made homemade pizza for everyone at my spic 'n' span house and enjoyed the flood of conversation that comes whenever visitors come to town.

The Captain made coffee for dessert, and I took my morning medication twelve hours late.

Four hours later, I find myself still spinning around the house at midnight, wondering what other fun things can happen today. I find this strange since normally I'm done with the day by about 10pm. I figure it's either from the excitement of having more visitors or because my morning med has an associated energy rush.

I wonder aloud about the possibility of this connection, and a sheepish Captain finally confesses to having made 'real' coffee for dessert instead of decaffeinated.


So I'm going to attempt to turn out the light now, but I may be back. It's good to know blog world never sleeps.

Speaking of sleep, here's a link back to one of my favorite stories from that first year in Texas, about a crazy half-dream experience. My beloved has had to put up with some strange behaviors from me, usually with no warning.

Do you have a favorite story about sleep? Funny, scary, sweet, whatever. Please share it, or even leave me a link to it. I may be needing inspiration in a few hours, or for the next day.

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  1. My most significant memories of odd sleep happened in your room at the Diller House (remember?). What a strangely intense time that was. Oh right, how could I forget - we were in college. Everything was odd and strangely intense. Especially that semester. :)


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