Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Hank the Cowdog was right. On really hot days, everything off in the distance looks soupy."

This heard from the backseat of the car a while ago, as I transported all three bambinos to the library. And indeed, the horses, buildings and cars in the distance were all soupy with heat waves.

How hot is it? Actually, I don't know. Normally I would, but my mommy-mobile complete with temperature gauge is in the shop today getting prepped for a road trip in a few days. I can guess, though, and the number starts with a 9 and ends somewhere around 8.

While the chariot is checked in for rehab, we got to get personally acquainted with one of Hank's Really Hot Days today, as we [gratefully] drove the Captain's "A to Beater." This luxurious mode of travel features red-hot seat belt plugs, and A/C so refreshing it literally inspired the question today, "Are you running the heater?" When we got out of the car at home, the oppressive heat was actually a relief from sitting in the car. Poor baby had sweat droplets all over her nose and cheeks. Oh.My.Hot.

The so-trendy vinyl wrap on the steering wheel was so hot I had the opportunity to wrap it with authentic red-neck gear just for the privilege of touching/steering. This hot vehicle also sports an intentional black eye on one tail light, and a NASCAR-worthy stripped down passenger door. Once I get my perspective right, it's even kinda cute...

Understand that I am not criticizing this vehicle. It was a gift to us, and has cost little more than maintenance for almost eight years. That's pretty impressive.

But it was good for me to get to drive it today in this soup, to remind me of what a good sport the Captain is. Because honestly, I would have a difficult time settling for such a humble mode of transportation. Yet he drives it, even loves it, because we both agree that we have better places to put our money.

So thanks Captain for all your sacrifices on behalf of the family. We will miss you while we are gone, and will now have added sympathy for the state of your life without us (and our air-conditioned ride).

Enjoy the soup.

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