Friday, June 26, 2009

Ahh, the Irony

Have I mentioned that it's the hottest day of the year, for the third or fourth day running?

This morning, while mowing the yard on this hottest day of the year, I had the chance to muse over a few bits of news found in today's paper. For some reason, they all passed through my irony filter and came out thus:

1. Trees
A few years back, a big developer, whom I will call "Biergarten," bought a prime piece of undeveloped real estate on the south side of town, and submitted plans to put in a Super Wal-Mart. Local residents were appalled, and organized enough community support to persuade city council to nix plans. So long, Wal-Mart.

Said piece of property is still zoned agricultural, but has since been advertised for development. Biergarten has again submitted a request for rezoning for retail use.

Meanwhile, city council, in its small-town wisdom, has recently begun discussing a tree ordinance, which would restrict the wanton razing of greenspace during residential and commercial construction. Keep in mind, the construction is at the behest of said city council, who wants more contributions to city tax coffers.

So, one Saturday morning a month or so ago, ye olde Biergarten took a little initiative and razed every tree on the agriculturally zoned piece of property. Just in case city council passes that ordinance, I guess they didn't want to deal with tree destruction restrictions whenever they get around to developing that pesky parcel.

Haha, I also suppose they forgot about the vocal and mobilized local residents, of whom the editor of the local paper appears to be a part. That's just what you want, to piss off the news outlet.

So, one of the headlines on today's front page makes sure we are all aware that in last night's city council meeting, Biergarten Realty's request for rezoning to retail use has been DENIED. Hah. Biergarten claims the land is now useless.

The story gets better. On page 6, or thereabouts, is another little piece about climate change. Remember farm subsidy, in which farmers are paid not to grow crops? I guess now, in light of the fact that too many trees are being cut down around the country, someone wants to pass legislation that will give developers CREDITS for not cutting down trees, since trees will offset greenhouse gases.

Ahh, the irony.

2. Diminishing Aquifers
In another bit of irony, I have also recently been reading about our local aquifers, which apparently will only last another 20 years. Yet all these new HOA subdivisions (which I live in, with mixed feelings), are sodding with St. Augustine, a very thirsty grass. This week I've had to water the yard for an hour every night, so the grass doesn't die, which would put me in violation of my HOA. I then have to mow my green grass more frequently, causing gasoline emissions.


3. Michael Jackson
And in a final bit of irony, I find it interesting that our friend Jacko, (may he find peace in death that he never did in life) who lived his life behind shades and under an umbrella, passed from this world on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.

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