Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Tales Day Two

I found peaches!!!

I have been waiting a year to buy Arkansas peaches. And today the moment arrived. I had brought along a twenty dollar bill just for the occasion, and was about to buy three baskets of them, but was offered to take home a 25 lb box (equal to six baskets) for just five dollars more. How could I refuse? We will eat peaches until our faces drip with the sweet nectar of tree ripened peaches. Oh glorious morning.

As often happens on road trips, my thoughts eventually turn to the ill manners of other drivers. This morning a white coupe came up on my tail so fast I thought for a moment it was either out of control or out to get me personally. Of course I have no bad driving manners whatsoever, so I have every right to be judgmental. Today I thought of a bumper sticker slogan I would like to share:
"I like NASCAR as much as you, but that doesn't make this the Daytona 500."

They say the road to Gramma's house is never long, but today I beg to differ. My sweet baby doll adds a level of complexity to the trail that I expected but didn't really factor into my plans. I believe our current level of progress could be characterized as a 1.5 to1 ratio. As in, for every 1.5 hours we drive, we stop for one hour. I think on my trip home next month we may have to add another day of driving time, to allow for the leisurely pace so important to me.

The car starts to feel a little closed in. Today we shortened the road a little with an audio book. I feel a little under-prepared this year with diversions for the kids. Something tells me this trip will go down in history as the most difficult one, as in "Remember the year Lulu was a baby, and we were so cranky from being crammed all together in the Explorer?"

I've been looking for a Wal-Mart to stop and pick up a few extra bits of entertainment for Miss Boo. She's bored to death of reading, poor thing. You would think that driving through Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, that I would have found a place to stop. But every time I thought of it, the sign showed up after the exit ramp. Maybe I'll have those diversions for the trip home. And maybe she won't be hating road trips either. I've got my fingers crossed.

I had to snap this for the Captain. Several years ago, when we were playing Monopoly with his brothers, we started saying "Tennessee" in a silly deep voice every time someone landed on Tennessee Ave: Tuh-ten-uh-sheeeee... And now I can't help it, I have to say it out loud just like that whenever I see it.

Tonight we are sleeping in Franklin, KY, 2 miles north of Tuh-ten-uh-sheeeee.

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