Monday, March 23, 2009

This 'n' That

Do you remember the random dream I had about jury duty a couple weeks ago? I believe I posted that entry on a Monday. Would you believe that on that same Friday, I received jury duty summons? What a hoot.

I will not be participating, as I "have custody of a child under the age of 10 who will not be able to have adequate supervision without my presence." I don't think the court would be impressed with me nursing a child during proceedings, or asking to be excused every three hours to use my pump! LOL. Maybe next time.

We have been busy the last couple weeks with company. An overload of company, but all people we were thrilled to see. The Captain's brother and sister-in-law were here, so we saw a lot of the family over the weekend. In the same 5 day stretch, his closest friend from college stopped by with his new family, while checking out Austin for potential relocation purposes. Wow, that would be astonishingly cool. It would rock my world with coolness, in fact.

As much as I loved the company, I enjoyed the following week, which also happened to be Spring Break. After a marathon trip to the grocery to replenish the pantry, I did not leave my house between Tuesday noon and Friday at 3pm (when we just had to go out for a library trip). I did crafts with the kids, watched movies, and cleaned house (including restocking the toilet paper, soap, kleenex, diaper caddy... pretty much everything). And got the baby on a schedule, including 6-8 hour nights. It's glorious.

In other news, we joined ranks with a long line of history this weekend, taking our children to a bluebonnet patch for a photo shoot. The day was perfect, and the in-laws even stopped by to snap a few photos of the ALL of us.

Last night brought us another country adventure as the dogs treed a coon out at Red Boot, the in-laws' acreage down the road. It was an adorable, flea-bitten young thing. We all got some entertainment with it as it tried to descend for an evening repast of junebugs. This was a much more enjoyable diversion than the rattlesnake encounter...

And finally, one of my friends is bringing us brisket and sausage tonight (a late surprise) from C&J's BBQ. Haven't made it there yet, but I hear it's the best BBQ around. You may already know that BBQ is the regional specialty.

I feel positively... TEXAN.

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