Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random JJ Quotes

The quotable three-year-old moments are piling up faster than I can record them. So many have come and gone, and been lost to time. But here are a few from this week.

A few days ago, Roo brought me a Cheezit box from the pantry. The back of the box has a picture of a wheel of cheese, with a Cheez-it cracker next to it. The wheel of cheese has a cracker-size hole in it, to demonstrate how cheesy the crackers are. Rooster thought about my explanation of this picture, then offered this bit of further information:
Do you know how God got the square out of the circle? He pinched it.

At the dinner table we learned something else:
Did you know that if you eat salad for dinner that you don't have to say excuse me when you are finished?

And before bed last night, the Captain learned that people are made from tomatoes, and that Rooster's arms are made from water.

I feel so much smarter now.

Photos courtesy Miss Boo Bear and her candid cam.

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  1. I love her photos!! They make this post so perfectly cute.


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