Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writer's Block?

I have so many ideas of things to write about. I know I do. I could make a list of potential post titles. But I think I just have too many other things to do this week, to justify sitting here and wrestling with some of those thoughts.

I always get a chuckle when I read fellow bloggers' apologies for not blogging. Seriously, like the blogosphere will suffer if I fail to shine the light of my presence on it for a day or three.

Yet here I am.

Posting has given me purpose in each day for more than two months now. I have learned to spot the stories in each moment, sometimes to the point that I am overwhelmed with more post possibilities than I can hold in my head between having the thought and finding my notebook so I can jot it down.

Incidentally, if anyone is already thinking of what to get me for my birthday in October, the answer right now is more notebooks. I am forever losing track of one or two, then finding them later and mining them for ideas. The latter part is cool, but the losing track part... well it's hard to write down ideas when I can't find the paper. Enough said.

Back to this week. The clutter monster has been kicking my butt during summer here. The kids are home 24/7, the Captain is home 24/7, and my focus is just not up to it. Last night I stayed up late, but I spent the time rearranging my page and going through photos instead of writing.

I kicked back at the clutter monster a little today and it was awesome, but I need a few more days like that before I can really feel I have earned the right to sit down and just talk about a few things that have been on my mind. I am so eager to share some areas of personal growth, but my victories ring hollow if I share them at the expense of losing ground.

So I declare a blog-holiday for a few days while I handle a few personal details. It's not really writer's block, more of a logjam that requires wrestling the details before sitting down to talk about them.

My blog hero Emily has been wrestling her own details for the last several months as she has been working on a book manuscript. If you get bored waiting for more stories of my little world, I suggest you visit her corner of the blogosphere, chatting at the sky. I promise you will enjoy your visit, and may even feel refreshed by the time you leave.

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