Friday, April 23, 2010

Karate Kid: Level Up

Three months was all it took. Some kids do it in six weeks, many in eight weeks. I had actually resigned myself to the possibility that it might take Miss Boo as long as six months to graduate from her beginner's white belt to an orange belt.

This week we were all surprised to find out she qualified to graduate in tonight's ceremony!

The road has been challenging, but that's why we started her on it in the first place. She needs a place she can learn discipline, focus, and self-control (don't tell, but those are exactly the things I struggle with still. Maybe she can get it faster than I have).

All of those qualities are still in the works. But she has shown progress, and for that she has been rewarded with forward movement. Tonight's ceremony was not a test, it was really a celebration of what the kids already earned over the last eight weeks.

Here you can see the kids strut their stuff. If successful, this will be the first video I have ever posted to my blog: two and a half minutes of pure cinematic gold. You know me, always pushing the limits of technology, ha ha.

To me the greatest thing about karate so far is that, despite being challenged by the teacher that she needs to pay greater attention, show more respect, and work harder, she has never once expressed a desire to quit. We had tried creative movement class, tumbling class, even swimming; none lasted beyond the novelty stage. I am so proud of her for sticking with this one. She is officially in the Black Belt Club, and she is learning that it will take years to get to her goal. But each small achievement is a step in the direction of that goal.

I am really proud of my karate kid.

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