Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It is getting harder and harder to find time to post, let alone the brainpower to think of anything worthwhile to say! I have thought of titles for dozens of posts, but have been unable to get to my computer or even a notebook to jot down the ideas before they flit from my head. I thought of just making a post of titles, but alas, my short term memory is so fragile I can't even put that together!

I just keep plugging away at the stuff I absolutely need to do. I have spent almost three hours in the last two days trying to print my address book on label sheets. Three hours is a lot of time in my current economy! Dratted worksheet imports a third of the names and an apparently random selection of ZIP codes... what is up with that?!?

My mom came for a couple weeks to visit Lulu and the other kids. We had a nice visit, although Boo ended up being home sick from school for an entire week. It was nice for her to get to spend a little extra time with Gramma. However, I am so glad she is back to school this week. That gave me a small taste of how summer is going to feel. Busy busy busy!

One highlight of this week is that we collected our first photo of the five of us. So special! Now if I can just create that birth announcement, we can move on. Guess there's no rush until I get that address label business figured out, though...


  1. I love the first family photo! Yall look so happy! I hope everyone is feeling good and doing well.

  2. I feel for you my friend. Bug was home sick with the stomach flu last week and my in-laws were here for that as well.

    May your short term memory be restored. Of course, I think I've completely lost mine..... :-)

  3. You have big-time grace over all your time with a newborn. When you blog, it's a bonus - I love the photos!


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