Monday, February 9, 2009

Boo Bear's Birthday

It seems so long ago, but we did recently have a birthday around here. In the last few weeks, I got busy and have neglected to share about Boo's special day. I only have a couple of minutes, but need to give her day the attention it was due!

To celebrate birthday #7, we sent Little Debbie brownies to school to share with friends in her first grade class. I like to send something, but figured I was due a pass this year since I was about to pop. Little did I know how soon that would be, but at least we were able to spend her day thinking about her!

After school I picked up her and one friend from school and took them to Sonic for slushies and onion rings. That's what she wanted to do! Then I had them run around at a park for a bit before returning home.

The original plan had been to have spaghetti night at home with grandparents, aunts and uncles. But one family was home with the flu, and the other had been unable to make their flight in from PA the previous day, so we were left with us and the grandparents! We all agreed to take the easier way out and treat her to dinner at Cotton Patch.

Poor Roo was so tired from his own fun that he climbed into Grammy's lap and fell asleep in the middle of dinner. Boo didn't pay much attention to her own dinner, because she was worried there wouldn't be any presents for her (she had not seen any). Brother missed the entire remainder of the evening, and ended up having to have his dessert the next day!

Once we got home, we had cake and presents. I think she enjoyed herself quite a lot.

The highlight of the evening, although she loved all her presents, was the new barn her daddy had made for her with his own two hands. It is even lighted to allow for better visibility inside! There was also a Vet Barbie to take care of the horses.

I suppose I already waxed philosophical about this little girl and the ways she has changed my life. She has a strength of character that I hope to be able to mold into something constructive. She loves her new baby doll, Isabel, as well as her new pony Pearl. She loves to read, is good at math, and we are still working on developing a love of writing in her.

I am bracing for the adventure of what the next several years of raising this girl will bring. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

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  1. So glad yall got to celebrate your daughters birthday! So fun :)

    I hope all is well! Have a wonderful week! :)

    Kate :)


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